with designers and professionals from furniture industry


4 main modules provide complex solution

Design in 5 Easy Steps

First Basic Module quick and easy create office floor plans, inserts furniture, customizes materials and exports renderings. It is the most important module of our All-in-One Cloud Officeplan3D solution for the fastest Online Design. Supports all VR devices ...



Step 1: Draw Floorplan

The VR Planner can use the internal 2D DRAW interface to prepare a basic floor plan in few minutes. First, you can choose from predefined basic room shapes and edit them, or draw your own floor plan from scratch. Planner also allows you to load your 2D drawing or other images of floorplans and transform them easily into 3D. 3D DRAW interface contains standard building elements such as windows, doors, partitions, openings, pillars, sockets, water connections, etc. The elements are automatically placed on the floor or pinned to the walls of the scene.

Step 2: Dividing Elements & Zones

Modern offices need dividing or acoustic elements such as aluminum-glass partitions, wooden partitions + storage partitions, mobile partitions and panels. VR Planner disposes of 3D WALLS semi-automatic generators, which allows the space to be separated by these elements. Using the 3D FLOOR interface, it is possible to customize color of zones and floors in design. Color differentiation of zones is used to define work zones and material differentiation provides accurate calculations of floor coverings of individual zones or rooms.

Step 3: Insert Furniture

Simply select the products or product's sets from catalogs and place them to desired position in floor plan. VR Planner contains an internal PIM database of office furniture from world-class manufacturers. Create custom libraries, configure sets or products, and customize materials. There are 3 insert options:  
a) 3D PROJECT - possibility to insert a complete scene from another saved project
b) 3D SETS - possibility to insert recommended sets or pre-defined sets.  
 c) 3D PRODUCT - the ability to select an individual product from the PIM Library or select from own library of pre-defined products.

Step 4: Customize Materials & Colors

VR Planner allows you to change the color or texture of any surface in Real-Time. Textures can be selected from our PIM database of materials from main manufacturers or from your own library of your favorite materials. The integrated material editor lets you to customize the color tones of textures and create your own favorite material libraries.

Step 5: Render & Finalize

Render Online - Export Photorealistic Images and 360° Panoramas
Export - Generate PDF Order Form or floorplans
Archive - Save & Store projects on our cloud servers
Present - Present your designs online through our 3D designer portal
Embed - Embed into any website using the EMBED window
Share - Share your design with a client or friends using a web link
Trade - Use the optional VR COMMERCE module to manage all business processes or to communicate directly with production systems.


Portal Cloud App

The Second Basic Module is in the form of Portal, which serves to dealers, architects and designers mainly for sharing 3D projects with clients and for their archiving. It allows to create their own catalogs of preferred products and furniture sets for use in VR planner. Directly cooperates with PIM ...



Create own catalog

Provide selection of preferred manufacturers or favorite products products from the worldwide PIM * furniture database. Create your own “My selection” gallery and narrows the range used in the VR planner. It brings clarity and fast product search for 3D design. The 3D designer module also allows you to create and save your own furniture sets from pre-configured products.

* (PIM = Product Information Management)

Configure products

The 3D designer module provides own configuration of product by changing its components or adding various accessories. It is also possible to create various sets of these products and store them in own preferred furniture catalog. It is also possible to customize product's surface materials and colors.

Present projects in VR

Present your saved 3D projects in pseudo-3D mode running on a standard PC or in Virtual Reality mode using VR devices (OCULUS, HTC ViVE and others). The created project can be easily inserted directly to any website or e-shop using the virtual EMBED window. A popular feature for designers who have own website. In this way, they can also present their designs in an attractive way with the support of VR technology.

Share designs

Share a design with kient to get an instant feedback. Created project can be shared using automatically generated link. This can be sent by email or SMS to a friend or client. This means that they can instantly virtually explore the submitted 3D design. Using the FEEDBACK CREATOR interface is possible to write any comments directly into a 3D design.

Archive projects

Automatically and securely stores your projects on our Cloud Server repository. This allows you to return to your saved projects at any time to continue working on them. It is also possible to work on the project together with other designers or clients.


Quick Product Search

The PIM Database module is a huge furniture library of world-class office furniture manufacturers with their 3D models, decorative materials, catalogs, media materials and related product documents in one place and in standardized PIM (Product Information Management) format...



More about PIM database

The Product Information Management (PIM *) solution provides a single place to gather, manage, and enrich office furniture industry information. It was designed to process and unify a all important informations - 3D Model, pictures, product descriptions, technical data and other attributes. OfficePlan also includes a PIM catalog of over 100,000 office furnitures and accessories from world-class manufacturers.

Who uses PIM database

It provides the complete basis to designers and architects for creating office designs in VR Planner. It allows them to combine products from multiple manufacturers in a project. PIM serves to manufacturers to unify product bases, promote their brand name and makes them more visible in eyes of interior designers and architects. E-commerce traders can obtain complete materials and up-to-date information about manufacturers' products.

Create own libraries

PIM allows you to create and save your own 3D libraries of popular products. Designers and architects can also create and store their own furniture sets and pre-configured products for future work in the VR Planner. Custom libraries allow them to quickly navigate in manufacturer's brands and product categories, which delivers faster work and eliminates design errors. The list of selected manufacturers, categories, products, 3D models and related documents is always available in few clicks.

What the PIM contains

Online 3D viewer for 3D models, Office Manufacturer Finder, Product Category sorter Product sorter. Product information in PIM format are:
1. VR Optimized 3D Models (.VRO format), 3D Models in: DWG, 3DS, SKP, ...
2. Library of surface materials from manufacturers, Hi-Res textures and colors
3. Technical and media files: Product description, specifications, instructions and warnings Certifications, Standards, Safety Data Sheets, Pictures, Brochures, Brochures PDF, Videos, Price Lists ... (The amount of product information depends on the range provided by each manufacturer)

Benefits of PIM

Unifies materials from manufacturers in one place.
Eliminates the need to use 3D models and documents in different formats.
By linking to manufacturers makes real-time product updates.
Provides vendors with all data they need.
Effectively collects and enriches product information.
Maintains up-to-date data and product information.


Bridge to Production

Last Module VR Order System combines 3D design with ordering and manufacturing processes. Very important is full offer's management for end clients. Dealer and manufacturers have full control over the entire order process. In real time, they can make processes from design, through ordering to manufacturing.



Available in 3 versions

LIGHT - Only the order module connected to an existing trading system of client.
STANDARD - Our own trading system connectable to client's production software.
PRO - Complete trading system with module for control of CNC production equipment.

Inteligent system

The VR Commerce system allows dealers to send orders directly to the manufacturer's ordering system where the system automatically determines the price of a particular dealer. The system also manages the order delivery scheme. According to defined rules to process the customer's order, system automatically selects the nearest dealer or decide that the goods will be delivered directly from manufacturer.

B2B + B2C solution

For manufacturers it provides one universal solution through which goods can be ordered not only by their dealers, but also by the end customer via the Embed window located on the manufacturer's or dealer's website. The VR COOMERCE module tracks sales from all sales channels and automates common backend processes for wholesale and retail.

Complete process management

Manage everything in one place:
1. Manage dealers and clients (registration, login, informations, projects, favorites)
2. Manage business processes (orders, offers, shopping cart, inventory)
3. Manage prices and payments (payment gateways and cards, invoices, tax rules)
4. Production process (generate orders directly to production system)
5. Delivery management (delivery, logistics)


Video of OfficePlan functionality & features